Durban South Cold Storage has 10 000  Square metres of space available. We are specifically targeting clients that are in search of a quality logistics solution. We have a 8000 pallet store with a Drive-In racking  system and 1500 high cube pallet slots.

This Advanced Storage Facility offers these great benefits to our valued clients:
1.We specialize in ambient and cooling. Temperature variance –0.5 Degrees Centigrade to ambient.
We are proud to inform our clients that our Top Of the range  cooling plant has a minimal environmental impact as we have a freon R22 cooling system as opposed to the ammonia system.

2.Advanced Security Systems, CCTV and CCTV recording of all camera stations.Security system, internal and perimeter with infra-red beams, security personel & and armed reaction & monitoring.

3.Ambient storage facility capable of handling 400 pallets.

5. Top Quality materials Handling Equipment which include;
     -16 Forklifts
     -4 Electric pallet Jacks
     -9 Dock levelers
     -Separate loading & off-loading areas.

6.An Expandable Staff base & additional labour can be called on at a short notice at competitive rates.
7. Management with over 30 years experience in Citrus Handling , Warehousing and Storage.
8. Temperature , Humidity & Air Pollutants are computer monitored at all times.Therefore optimal conditions are continuosly maintained to ensure the best environment for your produce.
9. We are registered with PPECB ( Perishable Produce Export Control Board).
10. Professional Pest Control.